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M Technique R&D group is helps customers to make experiments in our laboratory responding to customers' requests including various reactions, nano particle generation, emulsion, dispersion, mixing, dissolution, and degassing.


Customers can actually operate our equipments in our laboratory and make experiments for requirements. There are many R&D equipments including ULREA (Precision reaction and micro particle generating machine), SS5 (Dispersion and Grinding machine), CLEARMIX (Dispersion and emulsion machine), DISSOLVER (Mixing and dissolving machine), Degassing machine, etc in our laboratory.

We support customers' experiments for various purposes such as getting basic data and confirming scale up.


Customers can quickly analyze and evaluate the experiments result,with our analytical instruments here.

HQ Laboratory

HQ Laboratory
HQ Laboratory HQ Laboratory
Clean room Chemical hazard
Clean room Chemical hazard
Analysis room Plant room
Analysis room Plant room
If you wanna visit our laboratory for an experiment or have question, please inform us of it through "experiment request" or "contact us" form.