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M-coil type Heat exchanger

It realized the high performance with a small body by making breakthrough flow path structure based on the theoretical design and by improving heat efficiency to its maximum.
The processing liquid flows inside of heat transfer tube and heat medium liquid flows out side of the tube.

M-coil type Heat exchanger
[M-coil type Heat exchanger Features]
  • High coefficient for overall heat transfer

    General tube type heat transfer system has non-uniform flow and dead space problems. In M-coil type heat exchanger, processing liquid and heat medium liquid flow uniformly and there is no dead space because this system has single flow pass for each liquids. In this structure, turbulent flow happens easily and exchange heat efficiently in pure counterflow condition even if the temperature difference is small.

  • M-coil type heat exchanger is smaller than other general heat exchangers because of its large heat transfer rate and logical design. It is possibe to reduce large costs of transportation, installation, piping, and so on because of its size is smaller than other equipment.

  • No cross contamination

    Water such as "distilled water for injection" or""UF water" is needed to control bactera or foreign substance, and so on. For these water, mainly "double tube plate type heat exchanger" was used. These years, heat transfer tube became narrower in many cases. Then trouble around tube plate's welding part is happening. M-coil type heat exchanger have no tube plate, no danger of cross contamination. It can be used for a long time with maintenance free. It is possible to insert Endoscope in the heat transfer tube.

  • Supporting SIP
    While SIP process, thermal expansion of heat transper tube distributes large stree. General heat exchanger needs telescopic joints to treat that stress. On the other hand, M-coil type heat exchanger's coil type heat transfer tube does not distribute unacceptable stress.

  • No dead space for liquid
    There is no dead space for liquid under the favor of coiled shape heat transfer tube. Heat exchanger tube has a slope not smaller than 1/50.

  • Guaranteed inside surface roughness Ry < 0.7micron
    Recently the troubles of rouge occurrence at WFI line and pure steam line have often been discussed. To suppress these troubles as best as we can, the wetted materials are treated with electrolytic polishing + passivation as a standard. In this case, guaranteed inside surface roughness is not greater than 0.7micron and we ensure high resistance for corrosion and high cleanliness.

  • Available of Dual usage for heating and cooling (Heating and cooling machine)
    It allows steam or cooling water for medium. One machine supports dual usage for heater and cooler.

  • Strong resistance to heat-shock
    Heat transfer tube easily absorbs the thermal stress from heat shock because it has a coil shaped spring structure as well as a movable structure. So it also supports the high temperature or big temperature difference heat exchanging.

Point of use cooler
600L/he 80 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius
Cooling unit
2000L/hr 80 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius
Point of use cooler