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CLEARMIX W-MOTION (for Laboratory)
CLEARMIX W-MOTION (for Laboratory)

CLEARMIX W-MOTION (for Laboratory)

Motor: Rotor2.2kw


Main agitating section
Main agitating section

[CLEAMIX W-MOTION (for Laboratory) Features]

  • CLEAMIX W-MOTION realizes nanoscale
    Dispersion/Emulsification/Atomization. Both The Screen and The Rotor rotates in opposite direction. This structure generates stronger jet flow ( source of shearing forces ) and make it possible to nanoscale control of particle size.

Example: Emulsion

After emulsification Pre emulsification
D50 :10.6nm D50 :1.5485μm
Processing material :fruit oil
Processing quantity :1L
Processing time :10min