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  LIP-seal type(Non explosion proof)

Lip seal type experiment machine(Non explosion proof)
Lip seal type experiment machine(Non explosion proof)
Lip seal type experiment machine
Lip seal type experiment machine
Lip seal type experiment machine
Lip seal type experiment machine
Lip seal type experiment machine

[Maximum rotational speed 21,500rpm]
Driven by inverter, 0.8kW totally-enclosed high frequency customized motor is equipped. Actural rotational speed measured by rotational-speed-sensor is displayed on the screen. Rotational speed is easy to control and stable.



[Best price]

With optimal manufacturing system, we are offering best price of these high performance machines.

[Rotor / Screen]
The Rotors(R2, R4) and The Screens (S1.5-24, S2.0-24) are packed as accessory.

Examine each combination of the rotor and the screen to control particle's diameter, dispersion time, mixing heat and so on.

[Clearance 0.2mm]
Clearance setting between the rotor and the screen is 0.2mm. You can check out the effect of clearance on dispersion by attaching optional screens which set up 0.5mm or 1.0mm clearance.
[TiN coating (TiN-PVD)]
The Rotor/Screen is made of SUS316 and its surface is coated with TiN to improve resistance to erosion. As option parts, Stellite Rotor/Screen is available for high-abrasion- resistance-use such as ceramics dispersion.
Look at the picture on the left. R4 Rotor with no Screen is effective for mixture dissolution. Dispersion/Dissolution of matters such as aqueous high polymer (thickening agent) could have done in short time without converting matters into lower molecular weight polymer.

[Alignment of the Rotor/Screen and Flow pattern ]
The Rotor/Screen moves up and down by an electric motor.

When mix/disperse matters in beaker, adjust the alignment of the Rotor/Screen where fluid doesn't engulf air .( Air bubbles reduces mixing/dispersing power. )

Fluid flows downward from fluid-surface into the Roter/Screen part.

[Sanitary Design and Cleanability]
Under fluid part is smooth and small. It is easy to cleaning. Steam sterilization is supported.
[Pressure and vacuum specification]
It can drive under pressurized condition (max 0.1MPa) or vacuum condition. Special LIP-seals are attached to seal-housing and to screen-holder. Special LIP-seal is easy to replace by special tool ( accessory ).Shaft-surface is coated with ceramics and it's high wear resistance.
[Casing with jacket specification]
When The Rotor rotates extremely fast, mixing heat is generated. Mixing heat might be a problem for low temperature processing. Cleamix is equipped a casing-jacket to reduce or control that heat.
[Safety Design]
The Rotor and The Rotor-shaft are covered by The Screen and The Casing.. All moving parts are untouchable while it's driving. (except Dissolver combination.)



Data logging: Save as CSV-file.


Programmable/Manual controller.


2 terminals for optional temperature-sensor (option).


2 terminals for optional pressure-sensor (option).

Liquid level meter (option).

Type CLM-0.8S
Rotational speed 21500 rpm ( maximum )
Throughput 50cc to 3,000cc
Motor 0.8kW totally-enclosed high frequency customized motor
Power AC100V spot30A spot50/60Hz
Size Main body 355W*275D*630H
Controller 225W*359D*408H
Weight Main body 25kg
Controller 12kg
Material Finish Wetted parts SUS316(Buffing #400), Rotor / Screen SUS316 + TiN coating, Shaft SUS316 + Ceramics, PTFE, FKM
Non wetted parts SUS304 NBR, FKM, CS
Shaft seal Special lip seal
Operating conditions Pressure F.V to 0.1MPa
Temperature maximum 100 degrees Celsius
(Please contact us for Autoclave specifications)
clearance Rotor/Screen 0.2mm (0.5mm, 1.0mm by replacing optional screens)
Rotor R2spotR4
Screen S1.5-24 spotS2.0-24
Elevator Electric motor type
Controller Touch-screen type controller
Accessories Protective cover for mixing section, Base rubber plate, Special 3 tools ( Stopper, Seal attach/detach jig, Rotor/Screen Holder/Seal Housing attach/detach tool ), Dissolver seal housing, Ground adaptor, Maintenance grease.

spotExamples of CLEARMIX Application
Medicine Ointment, Suppository, Medicated cream, Injection solution, Barium Sulfate, Liposome, Eye-drops, etc.
Chemical agent Paint, Pigment, Dye, Ink, Magnetic paint, Adhesive material, Wax, Coating agent, Mold lubricant, Aromatic substance, Film, Ceramics, Liquid crystal, etc.
Food Aroma chemical, Coloring matter, Mayonnaise, Dairy products, Juice, Ketchup, Seasonings, etc.
Cosmetics Cream, Emulsion, Lip rouge, etc.
Toiletry Shampoo, Rinse, Conditioner, Hair care cream, Gel, etc.