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Pure steam generating machine
PSG 500kg


Pure steam generating machine
Pure steam generating machine
Equipment name: Pure steam generator(PSG)

Our PSG realized not only providing pyrogen free high quality steam but also excellent efficiency, energy saving and small foot print.

  • Instantaneous start up became possible by adopting heating coil. It takes several tens of seconds from standby to maximum production capacity.
  • It has both rapid following performance to the fluctuation of usage and stability under the favor of small quantity of retention water in the tube.
  • It has the high durability because of coil shaped heating section which can easily absorb the heat shock stress.
  • It excels in ease of maintenance because it has the space saving design and simple structure.
  • It has the energy saving structure because of high efficiency heat recollection and minimum quantity of blow water.
  • Supporitng GMP. Can be equipped with the elimination equipment for noncondensable gas as optional. It can produce the distilled water by equipping it with a condenser as optional.
  • Capacity for standard type machine: 50-200 L/hr (manufacturing capacity)