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Mechanical-seal type( Non-Explosion Proof / Explosion Proof )
Features of Water-cooled motor dedicated for CLEARMIX

[Special water cooling motor ]

The water-cooling system was adopted in the motor specially developed for CLEARMIX.

Due to its high cooling efficiency, the high output motor has been miniaturized. Maximum rotation speed reaches 21500 rpm, moreover its driving noise is reduced.

Fanless cooling system prevents the problem of dust scattering. It also can be used in a clean environment, such as cleanroom.

Pressure‐resistant/Explosion proof type is also available.

Cartridge type mechanical seal

[Cartridge type mechanical seal]

No contamination.

Excellent durability in hard powder dispersion.

Notice: please contact us if using solvent.

CLEARMIX Mechanical seal type experiment machine
Type :CLM-2.2S
Rotational speed maximum : 21500 rpm ( maximum )
Motor :2.2 kW water cooling motor
Power :AC200V 20A 50/60Hz
Weight :Main body30kg Controller12kg
Size :Main body:355W*275D*630H
Materal, Finish

:Wetted parts SUS316(Buffing #400),
Rotor/Screen SUS316+TIN coating, TFE,FKMNon wetted parts SUS304, NBR, FKM, CS, etc.

Shaft seal :Double mechanical seal
Operating condition :Pressure F.V. to 0.19MPa
  :max 98 degrees Celsius(131 degrees Celsius for SIP pressurized steam)
Clearance :Rotor / Screen 0.2mm
Rotor :R2 spotR4
Screen :S1.5-24 S2.0-24
Elevator Electric motor type
Controller :Touch-screen type controller


Protective cover for mixing section, Base rubber plate, Special 4 tools ( Stopper, Attach/Detach Tools for Mechanical seal/Rotor/Screen ), Maintenance grease.

Explosion proof type
Motor :2.2 kW pressure resistant water cooling motor ( d2G4 )
Wetted part material :Solvent resistant
Elevator :Electric motor type
Controller :Air purge type
CLEARMIX Mechanical seal type experiment machine