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  Check valve
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It is a check valve which prevents the reverse flow surely by pushing the valve element to the valve sheet by the spring.
Metal surface of the sealing section is finished by ultra precise polishing without using any gaskets.
The spring is fixed by very simple structure of setting in the groove.
There are full bore type and reduced bore type.

[Check valve Features]


  • Excellent in sanitary purpose
    There are no foreign material generation because no sliding and rotating section which may become the source of particle generation in the flow path. There is no dead space for liquid and no remaining fluid.

  • Small foot print, simple structure
    Small feature size and small installation space. Simple structure and excel in maintenance.

  • No restriction on fixing direction.
    Correct operation is performed by fixing both horizontal and vertical directions. Connection complies with the sanitary specification.

  • All parts are made of SUS316L
    Sealing section excels in durability and heat resistance and secures stable sealing characteristics because all of them are made of metal. Parts are machined from the raw material which does not have caving and pinhole inside a casting.

Check valve
Common specification
Fluid Water, Oil, Air, Gas, Steam
Fluid temperature 0 to 150 degrees Celsius
Working pressure

0 to 0.5 (0.3) MPa

Option Electrochemical polishing, Passivation, Change in the materials
Note If the back pressure is not greater than 0.02 MPa, sealing may not be secured.