Privacy Policy

M Technique Co., Ltd. (“M Technique“) strictly observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations for the purpose of protecting properly all personal information on customer and relevant people to its company.

1.Collection of Personal Information

M Technique collects personal information over this web site for the following cases. We will collect them only to the extent that is necessary to accomplish the following purposes through the correct and appropriate means.

  1. A customer requests brochures and documents,
  2. A customer requests experiment using the equipment in our company,
  3. A customer makes inquiry or communication through our web site.

2.Protection of Personal Information by SSL(Secure Socket Layer)

This web site utilizes the encrypted communication by SSL at the pages for inputting personal information for the purpose of protecting personal information of customers. So customer can send personal information safely.

3.Use of Cookies

This web site utilizes Cookie to distinguish the customer's browser. At this site, we do not set up Cookie for customer's personal information (name, address, phone number, Email address, etc.). Some of the pages may utilize Cookies for the purpose of enhancing the convenience. By changing the browser set up, you can reject the acceptance / read of Cookie and can also notify the Cookie sending. There are cases where you will not be able to use all the information when you do not accept Cookies. Please note that beforehand.

4. Intended Use of Personal Information

Personal information which has been collected through this web site will be used for the paper work on sending brochures or other relevant information to customers, performing the services to customers and communication with customers by any reasons.

5. Non disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Without prior customer's consent, M Technique will not disclose to third parties any personal information which has collected through its web site except in the following cases.

    1. A customer consents,
    2. Law requires to disclose it,
    3. Disclosure is needed for protecting human life, human health or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer,
    4. In case there is the need to cooperate with government organization, local authority or its authorized personnel performing the work, and it will deterrent the work of interest if we get the customer's consent.
    5. In case of delegating the work for completing the specified purposes, we delegate all or part of the handling of the personal information to third party.

6. Management of Personal Information

M Technique maintains the correctness of the personal information and keeps it safely.

7. Disclosure, Stop of Operation or Deletion of Personal Information

M Technique confirms and responds to customer's request on personal information such as disclosure, correction, stopping usage, deletion, etc. without delay. If you need the disclosure, correction, stopping usage, deletion, etc., please contact our window in the following.

How to contact us
M Technique Co., Ltd.
  • Facsimile:Fax +81-725-53-3332
  • Letter:2-2-16, Technostage, Izumi city, Osaka 594-1144, Japan

8. Continuous Improvement on Personal Information Protection

M Technique will establish the system for the purpose of controlling and protecting customer's personal information properly and correctly. We review its operation on a regular basis and continuously improve the personal information protection management system.


Established December 3, 2008