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spotVessel :700L
spotProcessing liquid inlet :
from top of the vessel
spotModel No :DP-200
spotProcessing quantity :

Bubbles generated in manufacturing process ( of medicine, cosmetics, food, fine chemical, and so on ) are sometimes problem for quality control . This machine continuously removes bubbles from the liquid in vacuum condition from low viscosity to high viscosity.

  • Continuous degassing
    In-line connected and continuous degassing operation is possible under sealing environment.

  • Multi effects
    This machine can be used for many effects such as centrifugal separation, thin film, atomization, crushing, degassing and so on.

  • Excellent QC and high modulus effects
    This machine removes even the micro bubbles. With this machine, high quality control and high efficiency manufacturing will be realized.

  • Supports multi purpose
    We can design the system for each case from low viscosity to high viscosity. use.
    * This machine also can be used as batch type.

  • Cleanability
    It's possibe to electrolytic polish the wetted stainless part. Good cleanability. Use processing liquid's flow path for cleaning too.

  • Easy maintenance
    It's easy to open/close upper cover. It's easy to clean inside of the tank.