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  Drug medicine Preparation unit
Building all-in-one unit of preparation equipment and machine space for leading next generation aseptic preparation equipment.

[Merit of unit construction]
  • Space saving by integrating the preparation equipment and machine space of unit.

  • Time period for on-site pipe laying work can be reduced significantly because internal pipe laying has already been done.

  • Total cost down can be done by space saving, short period of time, etc.

  • Reduced the pipe laying in crosswise direction in the clean room by placing them in the machine space.

  • Differentiate and partition the preparation equipment side (clean) from piping machine side (dirty) clearly.

  • Validation with comprehensive test run in our plant becomes available.

spotAseptic preparation equipment
Suspension injectable solution preparation unit
  correspond to GMP
Automatic C SIP system
Automatic Temperature control system
automatic weigh in system
spotAseptic preparation unit 6m3 tank
Aseptic preparation unit 6m3 tank
spotOintment preparation unit
Ointment preparation unit

spotAseptic preparation unit

Aseptic preparation unit